The Tune of Siva’s Eye (revision of Apocalypse Song)

Hey Friends.

Two poets from another group gave me some capital advice that I decided to follow on this one.  Let me know if it works.  I’d like to send this one out.  I think it is pretty darn good.  Needs your loving edits though!



The Tune of Siva’s Eye


If the song is palpable
then be scared, for
the river will flow skyward
and wood will wax-drip.

Fish will join in the singing,
the carp with the bass notes,
the trout with the tenor
and that tiny crawdad soprano,

but, honestly you should shut 
your ears to beautiful death,
your eyes to  the catastrophe.

Choose to harvest morels
those twisted toes,
placing each morsel
in your basket,
while others run screaming.

Become part of the scene.
It is not a painted backdrop. 
Your right arm will be visible,
disguised as a deer’s antler,
the silver fuzz worn off.

There will be a hush following
the song.  On the other side
of the world, The Great Wall 
will shiver and a crack will form
and widen until it becomes 
a grin and then a howl.  

Lucy Simpson, 9/3/2012


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