Queen of Pluto

Part I

Undisputed Queen of Pluto

I am blond and tall with an overbite
reminiscent of bunnies
at nine years of age

I am also the undisputed
Queen of Pluto, the farthest
bluest, frozen planet

I steal my mother’s blue eyeshadow
dip my finger in the sky rondelle
and face cream to form a paste
to cover my earth-skin

I become her
cladding myself in royal vestments
scarves, old gowns.  I form a crown
for my head of sere branches.
My sister’s baton is my sceptor.

There is no heaven beyond the clouds
only the blue, breathless still of Pluto
I want to be there in the deep freeze
of never-ending winter

Not here with my father
an animated corpse, ash-skinned
with bulging veins and white-blooming
fungus from showering too much
to scrub off his sins

and my mother, who is slowly
drowning herself in glass after glass
of cheapest Julio Gallo table wine
a sour, warm, red sea
creeps up her prone body each night

It is not my ocean; mine is outer space
black vacuum –
I want to freeze till I am cyan
till I feel nothing
nothing at all


Nh-pluto-in-true-color 2x JPEG.jpg

July,14 2015 photo of Pluto, the plutoid, from New Horizons Long Range Recconaissance Imager.  Not as blue as she once seemed.


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